Trending over 200 times in 2015 on Twitter, a reach of hundreds of millions on Facebook, a #1 or #2 placement of over 1,600 keyword searches on Google and appearing in thousands of newspaper articles, the “Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson garners publicity daily as founder of National Day Calendar. Marlo can show your audience how to achieve this level of publicity that can increase traffic to your website, increase sales or awareness and develop you as the authority in your field.

As the host of the national talk show, the Tech Ranch, the “Guru of Geek”, Marlo Anderson can enhance your event. Marlo can broadcast to his audience from your event, be a keynote speaker, act as Master of Ceremonies or interview those special guests in a public forum. The “Guru of Geek” has the ability to make those events fun, memorable and teachable.

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